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Guide to design studios in Europe

Слева представлены отсканированные оригинальные страницы журнала Automotive News Europe, 7 May, 2001. Vol 6, #10., откуда взята эта информация.


Audi Design Headquarters
Audi AG
Audi Design I/ED D-85045 Ingolstadt, Germany

Design Center Europe
Avada. Navarra s/n
E-08870 Sitges
Barcelona, Spain

Design Center California
82 W. Cochran Street
Simi Valley, California 93065, USA

Role of studios:
Audi Design in Ingolstadt, Germany, is responsible for the design of all series production cars and concept cars. The design centers in Spain and the USA are responsible for advanced design studies and concept cars.

Senior design executive:
Peter Scheyer, head of Audi Design.

Number of employees:
Worldwide, the Audi design team has a total of about 150 employees.


Stile Bertone SpA
Via Roma 1
10040 Caprie (TO), Italy

Role of studio:
In 1997 Bertone reorganized itself into two separate areas — Stile Bertone and Tecnodesign, or "Design Machine." The new structure allows Bertone to provide global projects starting from the design phase. Alternatively, the company can offer flexible solutions, such as constructing styling models or running prototypes from styling developed by the client. The role of Stile Bertone and Tecnodesign -is to coordinate complete turnkey projects. This includes advanced engineering, styling, feasibility engineering, model construction, product and process engineering, and prototype construction. Tecnodesign and a network of associated specialized engineering companies carry out the product and process engineering up to the manufacturing phase.

Senior design executives:
Filiberto Giannini, CEO of Stile Bertone and Tecnodesign; Roberto Piatti, managing director of Stile Bertone.

Number of employees:
300 in design, engineering and construction of models and prototypes.


Forschungs- und Ingenieurszentrum
Knorrstrasse 147
D-80788 Munich, Germany

2201 Corporate Center Drive
Newbury Park, California
91320-1421, USA

Role of studios:
BMW has two design offices. The German design office is located within BMW's Munich research and engineering center, Forschungs- und Ingenieurszentrum (F.I.Z.). All new products are developed at F.I.Z. until the start of series production in Munich. Designworks/USA is based in California and is responsible for BMW concepts.

Senior design executives:
Chris Bangle, director of design; Thomas Plath, head of advanced design in Munich; Henrik Fisker, director of Designworks/USA.

Other senior styling managers:
Boyke Boyer, head of exterior design; Michael Ninic, head of interior design. Both are in Munich.

Number of employees:
200, including 35 engineers and 50 to 70 model makers.


Centre Technique de Velizy
Centre de Creation Citroen
Route de Gizy
78973 Velizy-Villacoublay Cedex

Role of studio:
Velizy is Citroen's main styling studio. The styling direction is created and managed by the Centre de Creation Citroen.

Senior design executive:
Jean Pierre Ploue, director of Centre de Creation Citroen.

Other senior styling managers:
Donate Coco, head of platform one; Oleg Son, head of platform two; Dan Abramson, head of platform three.

Number of employees:
About 100, of which 25 have direct design responsibilities.


Design Forum
80 Dangsan-4Ga
Youngdeungpa- Gu
Seoul 150-044 Korea

Role of studio:
Design responsibilities for all Daewoo production and concept vehicles.

Senior design executive:
C.S. Yoo, managing director


DaimlerChrysler AG
Department Design and
HPC X800
71059 Sindelfingen, Germany

DaimlerChrysler Advanced Design
Italia Sri
Largo Spluga, 1
I - 22100 Como, Italy

Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design
of North America Inc.
17742 Cowan Street
Irvine, California 92614, USA

Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Center of Japan
2-1-17 Chigasakiminami Tsuzuki-ku,
Yokohama Kanagawa 224, Japan

Role of studios:
To generate design ideas and monitor styling trends in fashion and society in the main markets. To research and provide design ideas for advanced and serial projects.

Senior design executives:
Peter Pfeiffer, head of Mercedes-Benz design; Murat Gunak, in charge of passenger cars; Gerhard Honer, commercial vehicles; Harald Leschke, advanced design; Andreas Truckenbrodt, predevelopment.

Other senior styling managers:
Italy: Verena Kloos; Japan: Jens Manske; USA: Karlheinz Bauer; Germany: Olivier Boulay.

Number of employees:
500 plus about 15 to 20 in each advanced design studio. D/C doesn't differentiate between designers and model makers in advanced design studios.

Fiat Auto

Centro Stile Fiat Auto
(also Fiat brand center and advanced design center)
Via La Manta 22,
Torino, Italy

Centro Stile Alfa Romeo
Viale Luraghi Arese (MI), Italy

Centro Stile Lancia
Viale Coppi 2 Orbassano (TO), Italy

Role of studios:
For each design center: design concept development of each brand; exterior and interior design development until final approval; application of color and trim for serial production; exterior and interior master development. For advanced design center: definition of new car concepts; development of alternative solutions for existing product lines; color and trim and materials research for future applications.

Senior design executive:
Humberto Rodriguez, director, Centro Stile Fiat Auto.

Other senior styling managers:
Andreas Zapatinas, head of Centro Stile Alfa Romeo; Michael Robinson, head of Centro Stile Lancia; Peter Fassbender, Fiat chief designer exterior; Peter Jansen, Fiat chief designer interior; Carlo Giavazzi, Alfa Romeo chief designer exterior; Vincenzo Ferreri, Alfa Romeo chief designer interior; Marco Tencone, Lancia chief designer exterior.

Number of employees:
58 Lancia and Fiat model makers; 40 Alfa Romeo model makers; 38 at Centro Stile Fiat; 18 at Centro Stile Alfa Romeo; 17 at Centro Stile Lancia; 12 administrative and staff.


Fioravanti Styling Studio
P. Vittorio Emanuele 4
Moncalieri, Italy

Role of studio:
Providing design expertise to major carmakers.

Senior design executives:
Leonardo and Matteo Fioravanti manage all aspects of exterior, interior and advanced design.

Number of employees:
There are about 50 people collaborating with Fioravanti, split between engineering partners and model/prototype makers.

Ford of Europe

Ford of Europe
Dunton Design Centre
Essex SS15 6EE, UK

Ford of Europe GmbH
Merkenich Design Centre
Spessart Strasse
50725 Cologne, Germany

Role of studios:
Dunton: B car and commercial vehicle line design. Merkenich: C and C/D vehicle line design.

Senior design executives:
Chris Bird, director (based in Merkenich, responsible for both locations); George Manning, operations manager (based in Dunton, responsible for both locations); Sally Erickson, chief designer, color and materials (based in Dunton, responsible for both locations).

Other senior styling managers:
Mark Adams, chief designer, B cars (Dunton); Larry Erickson, chief designer, advanced, North American Focus, China programs (Dunton); Chris Svensson, chief designer, brand development (Dunton); Claudio Messale, chief designer, C and C/D cars exterior (Merkenich); Niko Vidakovic, chief designer, C and C/D cars interior (Merkenich). Special assignment: Chris Clement, chief designer. Special assignment: Gert Hohenester.

Number of employees:
Dunton: 115 total including 20 designers, 30 clay modelers, nine electronic modelers and 26 f'abricators. Merkenich: 115 total including 20 designers, 40 clay modelers, eight electronic modelers and 30 fabricators.


France Design - Le Pin
Groupe Heuliez
79140 Cerizay, France

Role of studio:
To meet customers' design requirements.

Senior design executives:
M. Bertet, design center director; J.M. Guillez, design and advanced project manager with responsibility for exterior, interior and advanced design.

Number of employees:
20 model makers and three designers.


Honda R&D Co. Ltd.
Wako R&D Center
1-4-1 Chuo Wako-shi Saitama
351-0193 Japan

Honda R&D North America, Inc.
1900 Harpers Way
Torrance, California 90501, USA

Honda R&D Europe (Deutschland) GmbH
Carl-Legien-Strasse 30
63073-Offenbach, Germany

Role of studios:
Honda's main studio in Japan is supported by centers in the USA and Germany. The role of each studio is to develop mobility concepts and products to match local market requirements. Market, technology and trend research are also part of the studios' activities.


A new European design center is being set up in Eschborn, Germany, but does not yet have a mailing address.

Role of studio:
The European design center will be an auxiliary studio to the main facilities in South Korea.

Senior design managers:
Brian Lee, senior design manager; Cor Steenstra, strategic design manager.

Number of employees:
Not yet determined for the Eschborn, Germany, studio.


I.DE.A.Institute 2
Via Ferrero di Cambiano 22
Moncalieri (Torino), Italy

Senior design executive:
Justyn Norek, head of design

Number of employees:
40 employed in styling related activities.


Via Achille Grandi, 25
I-10024 Moncalieri (Torino)

Diseno Industrial
C/Isaac Peral 13
E-08960 Sant Just Desvern
Barcelona, Spain

IDC — Italdesign California Inc.
6481 Oak Canyon
Irvine, California 92620, USA
ID Italdesign Gallizio
Rue de Foray 254
F-78530 Buc, France

Role of studios:
Auxiliary studios in Spain, the USA and France augment Italdesign's main design studio in Italy. The Spanish and US studios concentrate on engineering and prototyping. The French studio is responsible for modeling and prototyping.

Senior design executive:
Fabrizio Giugiaro, styling area director.

Other senior styling managers:
Arrigo Gallizio, head of Italdesign Gallizio.

Number of employees:
500 in Italy 100 in Spain, 73 in the USA and 50 in France.

Jaguar/Aston Martin

Jaguar Cars Ltd.
Engineering Centre
Design Studio (W/3/026)
Abbey Road
Coventry CV3 4LF, UK

Role of studio:
Jaguar and Aston Martin share a design studio in Coventry, but each brand maintains a separate staff at the facility. A separate Jaguar advanced design studio opened in 2000 is located at the same address.
Jaguar's main studio concentrates on production programs for Jaguar's five carlines, including three-dimensional clay and CAD modeling for interior and exterior, plus color and trim design. Design is supported by engineering feasibility work up to the final release on the production surface. The advanced studio studies future design development, including design strategy and concept vehicles, plus advanced color and trim materials. The Aston Martin studio is responsible for design development for the brand's three car lines and works with the engineering and marketing departments.

Senior design manager:
Ian Callum, director of design for Jaguar and Aston Martin.

Other senior design managers:
Jaguar: Julian Thomson, chief of advance design; Fergus Pollock, senior designer, XJ, S-type and F-type; Giles Taylor, senior designer, XK and X-type; Steve Smith, senior manager, surface engineering; Stuart Spencer, manager, modeling and fabrication; Kim Challinor, manager, color and trim. Aston Martin: Wayne Burgess, senior designer; Edmund Willis, interior manager; Christopher Spencer, modeling manager.

Number of employees:
Jaguar: 75, including 25 designers, 25 modelers and 25 surface engineers. Aston Martin: 12, either designers or modelers. Advanced Design studio: 15, including six designers and nine modelers.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls GmbH
Automotive Systems Group
Industriestrasse 20-30
D-51399 Burscheid, Germany

Role of studio:
To create product solutions for consumers, customers and Johnson Controls' internal product development process. To develop specific three-dimensional interior solutions for automotive customers. To help develop advanced products.

Senior design executive:
David A. Muyres, design and consumer research vice president, Europe and Asia.

Other senior styling managers:
Hans Hendriks, head of customer focused studies; Andreas Wlasak, head of advanced design studio; Steve Brooks, head of design operations.

Number of employees:
60, of which 40 percent are designers and 60 percent are modelers, design planners and studio engineers.


Wilhelm Karmann GmbH
Gesmolder Strasse 33
49084 Osnabruck, Germany

Role of studio:
The Karmann designStudio works on styling commissions from major automakers. Karmann's design teams support customers in developing derivatives of existing vehicles. Commissions range from design work up to the production of a 1:1 scale model. Tasks include exterior and interior design, color and trim, and model contruction. The designStudio supports the technical development department in all matters concerning design and form. It also creates concept cars for auto shows.

Senior design executive:
Jorg Steuernagel, head of designStudio.

Other senior styling managers:
Thomas Oberhoff, head of model shop; Jutta Sommer, head of color and trim.

Number of employees:
Seven designers and 10 model makers.

Land Rover

G-DEC Land Rover
Banbury Road
Warwick CV35 ORG UK
Role of studio:

All design/styling, color and trim, graphics, five-axis model development, ergonomics, two- and three-dimensional design, modeling.
Senior design executive:
Geoff Upex, director of design.

Other senior styling managers:
David Saddington, studio director, Discovery and Defender; Richard Woolley, studio director, Range Rover and Freelander.

Number of employees:
183, with 37 designers (including graphics, color and trim) and 37 modelers.


Styling Studio Group Lotus plc
Potash Lane
Norfolk, NR14 8EZ, UK

Lotus Coventry
Birmingham Road
Coventry, CV5 9QE, UK

Role of studios:
Design work for internal and external projects and assignments for the Lotus engineering consultancy. Lotus Coventry is an auxiliary studio that focuses on modeling.

Senior design executives:
Russell Carr, chief designer; Steve Crijns, head of exterior design; John Stratham, head of interior design.

Number of employees:
17 permanent staff, including five designers, 10 clay modelers, studio manager and studio coordinator. Size is flexible depending on internal and engineering consulting projects.

Magna Steyr

Styling Studio (Europe)
Steyr Daimler Puch
Fahrzeugtechnik AG & Co KG
Liebenauer Hauptstrasse 317
A-8041 Graz, Austria

Styling Studio (USA)
Magna Steyr
24435 Halsted
Farmington Hills, Michigan 48335

Role of studios:
Since 1972, Magna Steyr's styling department has designed bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, tractors, buses and niche vehicles. The Graz studio also focuses on underhood design, technical design and product design, using advanced modeling, virtual reality and visualization tools. The US studio carries out a similar role for the North American market.

Senior styling executive:
Andreas Wolfsgruber, head of Graz styling studio.

Number of employees:
Four designers and four modelers in Graz. External freelancers available for other design and mock-up responsibilities. Magna Steyr maintains ties with the Fachhochschule of Design in Graz and sponsors biannual design projects and degree projects.


Mazda Europe R&D
Hiroshimastrasse 1
61440 Oberursel/Ts, Germany
Mazda North America R&D
1422 Reynolds Avenue Irvine,
California 92614, USA

Role of studios:
The Germany and USA facilities are auxiliary studios to the head studio in Japan.
Senior design executives: Peter Birtwhistle, head of design, Germany; Truman Pollard, head of design, California.

Number of employees:
12 in Germany, including eight designers and four modelers.

MG Rover

MG Rover Styling Studio
PO Box 41
Lickey Road
Birmingham B31 2BT, UK

Southam Styling Studio
Southam Drive
Warwickshire CV47 OSA, UK

Senior design executives:
Peter Stevens, director, product design; David Arbuckle, chief designer.

Number of employees:
Core team of 30 designers


Mitsubishi Motor R&D Europe GmbH
Head Office & Design Studio
Diamant Strasse 1
D-65468 Trebur, Germany

Role of studio:
European design head office.

Senior design executives:
Hiroshi Kato, president; Akinori Nakanishi, general manager, design.

Number of employees:
70, of which 15 are designers and model makers.


Nissan Design Europe
Rotunda, 181 Harrow Road,
London W2 6NB, UK

Nissan Design International Inc..
9800 Campus Point Drive
San Diego, CA 92121, USA

Role of studios:
Design development for the European and global markets. Design development from advanced to production stage.

Senior design executive (Nissan Design Europe):
Satoru Tai, VP

Other senior styling managers (Nissan Design Europe):
Studio chief designers are responsible for exterior, interior and color design. They are: Christopher Reitz(Studio chief designer), Makato Yamane(Studio chief designer) and William Franke(Colour Chief Designer).

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Adam Opel AG
International Technical Development Center Design
IPC 86-01 D-65423 Russelsheim, Germany

Opel Advanced Design
c/o Stile Bertone
Via Roma 1 Caprie, 10040, TO, Italy

Role of studios:
Adam Opel's International Technical Development Center (ITDC) is responsible for the development of new Opel/Vauxhall vehicles and vehicles based on existing Opel/Vauxhall models. It is responsible for vehicle design, exterior and interior design. advanced development and concept cars. In addition to the main design team in Russelsheim, Germany, the ITDC runs a studio at Bertone in Italy. The ITDC also cooperates with other GM design centers on a worldwide basis.

Senior design executive:
Hans Seer, director of design.

Other senior styling managers:
Stefan Arndt, chief designer for the advanced design studio. There is no split between the exterior and interior design functions at Opel. The company is organized by design studios specific to each individual model line.


PSA Centre d'Etude et Recherche
18 rue des Fauvelles
92256 La Garenne Colombes
Cedex, Paris

Role of studio:
Design responsibility for production and concept vehicles.

Senior design executive:
Gerard Welter, head of PSA Centre d'Etude et Recherche

Number of employees:
110, of which half are designers and half working on modeling and other design processes.


Pininfarina Studi e Ricerche SpA
Strada Nazionale 30
Cambiano — Turin, Italy

Role of studio:
Pininfarina Studi e Ricerche is the creative and engineering branch of the Pininfarina Group.

Senior design executive:
Lorenzo Ramaciotti, general manager.

Other senior styling managers:
No heads of exterior design, interior design or advanced design. All teams report directly Ramaciotti.

Number of employees:
250, including designers, engineers, model makers and prototype manufacturers.


Dr. Ing. hcF Porsche AG
Forschungs- und
71287 Weissach, Germany

Role of studio:
The center develops the design and engineering of Porsche models.

Senior design executive:
Harm Lagaay, chief designer.


Renault Technocentre
Direction du Design Industriel
1 Avenue du Golf
78288 Guyancourt, France

Role of studio:
Responsible for exterior and interior design and creating the company's brand identity.

Senior design executives:
Patrick le Quement, senior vice president, corporate design. Anthony Grade, vice president design car programs; Jean-Francois Venet, vice president design LCV, truck programs and special programs; Michel Jardin, director prospective and concept cars.

Number of employees:
More than 300, including 66 designers and 99 model makers.

Rolls-Royce and Bentley

Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor
Cars Ltd. Styling Studio
Pym's Lane
Cheshire CWl 3PL, UK

Role of studio:
To design all future new Bentley products and all product updates.

Senior design executive:
Dirk van Braeckel, director of design.

Other senior styling managers:
Raul Pires, head of exterior; Robin Page, head of interior; Simon Loasby, head of concept design.

Number of employees:
40, including 10 designers and 20 model makers, plus computer-aided design and administrative employees.


Design Studio
Saab Automobile AB
S-461 80 Trollhattan, Sweden

Role of studio:
Saab has both a design studio and an advanced concept center at its Trollhattan, Sweden, headquarters. Under development is a studio in the Gothenburg area that will work mainly on long-term concept studies.

Senior design executive:
Michael Mauer, design manager, leads all Saab styling work.

Number of employees:
Varies depending on project timing.

Michael Mauer, Executive Director Design beside conceptcar Saab 9x.
For further information, please contact:

Clay Modellers,
Mike Cartwright,
+046 (0)520 - 48 35 23

Simon Padian,
+046 (0)520 - 849 22

Solid Modellers, Digital Visualizers &
Digital Sculptors,
Thomas Sahlin,
+046 (0)520 - 855 15


Seat Design
Centre Tecnico Seat
08760 Martorell (Barcelona), Spain

Role of studio:
To coordinate and collaborate with advanced proposals and new concepts. Seat also utilizes advanced design studios within parent Volkswagen group, such as the DCE (Design Center Europe) in Sitges, Spain.

Senior design executive:
Walter de' Silva, head of Seat Design.

Other senior styling managers:
Steve Lewis, studio exterior; Jose Orengo, development exterior; Carsten Monnerjan, studio interior; Flavio Manzoni, development interior; Simona Falcinelli, color and trim.

Number of employees:
60, including 26 designers and 20 model makers.


Skoda Auto Design
Vaclava Klementa 869
293 60 Miada Boleslav
Czech Republic

Role of studio:
Located within the development and research center, all Skoda production and concept cars are designed at the studio.

Senior design executive:
Thomas Ingenlath, head of design center.

Other senior styling managers:
Luis Santos, head of interior; Peter Wouda, head of concepts; Stanley Cibulka, head of production cars; Vaclav Capouch, head of visiblity.

Number of employees:
50, including 21 designers and 24 modelers.


Design Studio
Micro Compact Car Smart GmbH
Industriestrasse 8 D
71272 Renningen, Germany

Role of studio:
Responsible for exterior and interior car design, color and trim, and advanced design.

Senior design executive:
Hartmut Sinkwitz, chief designer.

Number of employees:
30 designers, five model makers.


Toyota Europe Design
Development SARL
2650 Route des Colles, BP 253
06905 Sophia-Antipolis Cedex

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Design Division of the Head Office Toyota City
Aichi Prefecture (in TMC Head Office Area), Japan

Tokyo Motor Corp.
Tokyo Design Research and Laboratory
Mita, Minatoku and Hachioji
City, Tokyo, Japan

Calty Design Research Inc.
Newport Beach, California, USA

Role of studios:
Toyota Europe Design Development handles design development (exterior styling, interior design, color design), model production and design survey. The main objective is to create new forms of design for the European market. It took over all activities of the former EPOC design center situated in Zaventem, Belgium, and was responsible for the development of the Yaris.
Design Division of Toyota's Head Office in Japan handles design development, marketing studies, advanced development, and unifies other design centers. Tokyo Design Research and Laboratory conducts research and development in advanced styling. Calty Design Research handles joint investigation and development of new designs by Japanese and American designers. It developed the Celica, Previa, SC400/300 and Tacoma.

Senior design executives:
Toyota Europe Design Development: Shinichi Kato, president; Wahei Hirai, vice president and general manager; Hideichi Misono, head of Design Division of the Head Office; Toshiaki Mizutani, head of Tokyo Design Research & Laboratory; Shinichi Kato, head of Calty Design Research, Inc.

Number of employees:
Toyota Europe Design Development: 28. Design Division of the Head Office: About 670 including designers, modelers and administration staff. Tokyo Design Research and Laboratory: About 30 including designers, modelers and administration staff. Calty Design Research: About 50 including designers, modelers and administration staff.


TWR Design
Leafield Technical Centre
Oxfordshire 0X29 9PF, UK

Role of studio:
Established in 1990, TWR Design won its first major design contract with the Aston Martin DB7. Since then, TWR has been responsible for all Aston Martin design work up to Project Vantage, the concept car that became the Vanquish. Other projects include the Volvo C70 coupe and convertible, the Nissan R390 GT1 Le Mans car, the Rover 75 station wagon and the Saab Viggen.
The main Leafiekl studio provides support for TWR engeneering as well as design and modeling work for clients. In March, TWR acquired the Daewoo Technical Centre in Worthing, England. The facility has 5,850 square meters of design and modeling space where TWR will handle full vehicle development.
TWR also has a studio in Melbourne, Australia, which mainly services HSV TWR's Holden performance range.

Senior design executive:
Neil Simpson, general manager of TWR Design with responsibility for the integration of all studios.

Other senior styling managers:
Chris Milburn, head of the Worthing studio.

Number of employees:
Currently 51 permanent staff including nine designers, 24 clay modelers and eight Alias modelers.

Valmet Automotive

Valmet Automotive Technical Center
PO Box 4, FIN 23501
Autotehtaankatu 14
23500 Uusikaupunki, Finland

Role of studio:
Valmet Automotive has a technical center that includes a styling studio next to its car manufacturing facilities in Uusikaupunki, Finland. The role of the technical center is to support Valmet's own turnkey project capabilities. The studio creates new concepts for niche cars, especially open-top concepts.

Senior design executives:
Aimo Ahlman, head of technical center and vice president, product development; Riku Salminen, manager, styling department and head of advanced design.

Other senior styling managers:
Jouni Koskinen, head of exterior design; An Wanden, head of interior design.

Number of employees:
Eight in the styling studio: three designers and five model makers.


Volkswagen Design Center
Wolfsburg (main styling studio)
Volkswagen AG
Brieffach 1701
38436 Wolfsburg, Germany

Design Center Europe/Spain
(auxiliary studio)
DCE Design Center Europe
Avda. Navarra s/n
08870 Sitges, Spain

Design Center California/USA
(auxiliary studio)
Volkswagen of America
DCC Design Center California
82 W. Cochran Street
Simi Valley, California 93065, USA

Role of studios:
Wolfsburg: Design of all production cars, concept cars. Spain: Advanced design, concept cars. USA: Advanced design, concept cars.

Senior design executive:
Hartmut Warkuss, vice president design, Volkswagen AG.

Other senior styling managers:
Design Center Europe: Gregory Guillaume, director. Design Center USA: Derek Jenkins, chief designer Volkswagen; Craig Durfey, chief designer Audi.

Number of employees:
200 in Germany, 65 in Spain, 25 in USA.


Volvo Car Corporation
Product Design, 51000
405 31 Gothenburg, Sweden

Volvo Monitoring and Concept
700 Via Alondra
Camarillo, CA 93012, USA

Volvo Barcelona Studio
Calle Diputacio 246 3-1
Barcelona 08007, Spain

Role of studio:
Main design center is in Gothenburg, Sweden. The US studio is a monitoring center that handles business, technology, design concepts and information technology development. The Spanish studio is a digital design satellite facility.

Senior design executive:
Peter Horbury, chief designer, oversees all three studios. He also heads exterior, interior and advanced design.

Other senior styling managers:
Lars Jansson, head of US studio; Geza Loczi, US studio chief designer; David Ancona, head of Spanish studio.

Number of employees:
Gothenburg: 160, including 39 designers and 26 modelers; USA: 18, including six designers, one modeler and two studio engineers; Spain: seven, including five designers and two digital modelers.

Automotive News Europe, 7 May, 2001. Vol 6, #10.

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Who designed current production cars? Who designed important cars in history?
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писок дизайнеров, создавших лучшие в истории автомобили.)


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