+ 01.02.2001v.pirojkov portfolio 2001 /part 1/

> self-portrait


> Small city car interior. The tank is a symbol of "Russian power" (nobody should forget about) The marihuana, probably, is the tendency of our times (?)


> The ROLEX counter - Quality!!! The motorbike's lamp is the influence too...


> Complete interior view. The tractor shows essentiality of the product, but then again, may be not?

> Parisian girl with Parisian dog, both are from posh 16th district of Paris (potential client)
> My ex- boss - Bob Mattews in action... Great man!
> Girls (especially naked) always give a fresh touch to anything...
> The average hamburger contains a few elements , just like a dashboard in the car. "Russian power" as a fighter pilot...
> One of the most boring drawings, but necessary to do.
> Interior of the car is a complicated object. Too many of different parts to design. Why not enjoying while doing it? People will enjoy too...
> This seat system was patented by Citroen within the project time. A bit too complicated, but solving the main conceptual problem. The nuclear hyperboloid is the part of keeping crazy spirit (absolutely necessary for designers, as you all aware of).
> The Second World War aeroplanes are influencing quite a lot of designers worldwide. Why? Simple and effective! That's what everybody looking for our days. Isn't it?
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